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A Tote Bag that’s as Versatile as You!

Posted by P&C Team on

      Every busy woman needs a great tote bag. Whether you’re a woman who’s just started her career or a busy mother of three (or maybe even both) we all know the struggle of finding the right bag for each occasion. You forage through your closet – pulling something different out depending on where your off to; A tote for work or class, a diaper bag for time with the kids, a gym bag when it’s elliptical time, and a whole different bag for going to lunch with friends. Then there’s the whole separate issue of remembering which bag you’ve left your keys in…

     The tote bags we’ve designed can help simplify your life. With four hand drawn designs to choose from, each one of these bags can go from corporate too casual in a second. Not only are they beautiful and durable, they’re also just as versatile as the modern woman has to be. So grab your to- go mug and one of our totes – and forget the struggle of constantly changing your bag.

Create a beachy look with our lobsters or our favorite little crab, or choose a more universal design with our lovely hearts.

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