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Why Mom’s Make the Best Business Partners

Posted by P&C Team on

Mother's Day is around the corner, May 8th and it got me thinking...

I love the fact that starting Peyton & Clark meant getting to work side by side with my mom. In honor of mother’s day, here are the top 5 reasons that mom’s make the best business partners.

  • Business meetings are a lot less stressful.

You never have to worry about things going unsaid in business meetings – mostly because you’ll already know what the other person is thinking!

  • You never have to miss out on family time.

Family time and work time are no longer at odds with one another – I don’t have to ask permission to leave early for Christmas dinner…chances are we’ll be heading to the same place.

  • Treats are a common occurrence

Even as an adult, moms still love to find ways to make your day – Every time mine steps out of the studio cupcakes, doughnuts, and other goodies tend to magically appear…maybe I should stop eating all that, with summer around the corner ;)

  • Inspiration is always right down the hall.

The average person sees the boss once a month, others don’t even know what their CEO looks like. Even more people couldn’t tell you what principles their company was founded on. Working with my mom means I get to see where it all started every day, and I get to remain inspired by my mother’s love for art and creation.

  • Work doesn’t feel like work.

No matter how much you like your job, most people still look forward to the time of day when “work” ends and they can go home to their family and friends. I’m blessed because I never have to feel that way.

Hug your momma everyday and especially on Mother's Day.



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