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Product Spotlight: Behind the Scenes with our Intern

Posted by P&C Team on

We’ve loved having our intern Kristina here these past couple of months, so we decided to ask her about her favorite product.

Not surprisingly, she said she loved our versatile coasters, and we got her to tell us why.

“Growing up in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, I always thought of summer as a time for family parties. My father –always a laid back sort of guy, is truly in his glory when he can fire up the grill and cook burgers for the family. Days when it’s warm enough to sit on the beach past sun down are his favorite types of days.

If your family is anything like mine, you probably entertain a lot more in the summer time than any other season.

The reusable coasters are the perfect summer time décor accessory. Durable and reusable, they can help you to protect your furniture while also adding a pop of color and conversation to your backyard entertaining. I adore the coastal collection, but the busy bee is great too. The designs offered for the coasters are diverse, so you can use them for a lot of different types of events, as a shore girl, I’m just a little partial to summer time.”


Peyton & Clark

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