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Healthy and Simple Office Snacks!

Posted by P&C Team on

Need to break out of your holiday sugar rut? Us too. The holidays are a time of baking cookies with family, a few extra drinks with friends, and maybe one or two extra slices of pie. That’s exactly what it should be, but now that the festivities are over, you probably feel like you need remember what lettuce looked like.

We asked around the office and found out what everyone’s favorite post holiday snacks are, and decided to share them with you all, in case you’ve been feeling the need for a little detox.

  • Almonds – easy and convenient, you can buy them pre-packaged and with lots of different flavors like cinnamon, smoked, or cocoa roasted. Almonds are particularly good for bouncing back from a post sugar binge crash.
  • Blueberries - Another great snack, blueberries are a super food that is packed with nutrients that are great for your body. Like almonds, they’re easy to put into a bag and snack on throughout the day.
  • Carrots and hummus: On the savory side, carrots are great for you and hummus has protein to help you stay full!


Good luck and happy snacking!

XOXO, Peyton & Clark


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