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Where have we been?

Posted by P&C Team on

Hi Everyone!

Sorry we’ve been a little silent on social media and our blog. Not that we’ve ever been that great on either, right? We’re friends…. we can be honest and we’d rather send you a card!

So… why so silent? So while we’ve been busy bees shipping orders (thank you), we’ve been busy taking pictures of something else… a little baby boy! Jeannette met the love of her life, got married and a year plus later they welcomed a little bundle of joy.

But with that news…. we have some new things cooking! Bebbins wrote loving messages for his nursery. These framed sayings were such a hit with friends and family, thought we’d offer these one of a kind pieces of wall art. Maybe your little bundle or a friends will them them as much as we do.

And…. Some other new fun things in the pipeline.

Well, thank you for everyone that emailed and stayed loyal to P&C. We promise going forward, we’ll be better on Instagram and FB… and maybe our little bundle will be making a cameo. But he’s huge!!!! 98 percentile for height and weight…so he looks much larger than his age! (And we have the painful backs to prove it)

Anyway, thanks again everyone!

With much love,

Peyton & Clark

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