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Two Note Pads in A Peyton & Clark Lucite Desktop Holder

$45.00 USD

This package is perfect for decorating your new office or kitchen. Pick your two favorite note pads and get them in a fashionable Lucite holder! Sleek and stylish, you not only get our wonderful notes pad for writing to-do lists or quick notes to co-workers, but also an elegant place to keep them.

These note pads are in line with our vision of using only the finest quality materials, and are made using the thickest available stock. The durability of our notepads also allows for some creative crafting! Punch a hole in a page to create gift tags for the bottle of wine you are bringing to a dinner party or tie a page to a present during the holiday season. Or, fold the pages in half to create a name tags with a pop of color at your next luncheon or bridal party.

4” x 6” note pad individually wrapped in protective cellophane wrap, 50 pages of heavy weight paper, image on each page.

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