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About Us

In a world of fast cars, cell phones, and ignored e-mails, our goal is to bring together loved ones and to re-inspire appreciation for the simplistic joys of family and nature through hand – written letters, colorful designs, and unique pieces of art that are engraved onto every day home décor.

From our family to yours,
Peyton & Clark

Featured in: Elle Decor, House Beautiful and Coastal Living


Family-owned and operated by women entrepreneurs who are a mother/daughter team, Peyton & Clark is a lifestyle brand that celebrates fanciful living spliced with charm and whimsy.

Bebbins is “Mom,” and the visionary behind the line. Each item in the Peyton & Clark collection features a hand-drawn illustration imagined and brought to life by Bebbins. The self-taught artist has been painting, designing and drawing since the age of six, and with her countless designs and ideas, has won numerous awards.

Her partner-in-crime (and now in business) is an ex-corporate gal and her daughter, Jeannette, who encouraged Bebbins for years to share her artwork publicly to bring about the same joy and happiness friends and family garnered from Bebbins’ work.

With the support of adoring friends and family, in 2011, Bebbins and Jeannette plunged into business and launched Peyton & Clark with a line of designs and products focusing on flora and fauna and being described as whimsical, elegant, fun and most of all happy.

Peyton & Clark designs lend to a seamless blend of art mixed with the finest quality of products and have been featured in a number of publications including House Beautiful,  Elle Décor, Traditional Home, FT’s How to Spend it and Coastal Living.



We hope that you will be as delighted to use and share our collection with your friends and family during your life’s special moments and enjoy them as much as we have creating them.

From our family to yours, with love,

Peyton & Clark




Bebbins Yudes has always loved to create and capture the world around her with a pen and ink.  As a young girl, Bebbins spent many sunny summer afternoons with her toes in the sand, fascinated by the ocean and what lived in it. An only child, she often thought of the sea creatures and nature as her friends, and her passion for drawing these little friends began at the age of six. Bebbins has been drawing since.

For years, Bebbins has been recognized for her sense of style and ability to translate her whimsical view of the world into artistic forms that are both elegant and fanciful. Her illustrations reflect her pursuit of excellence in her art, her connection to nature, and her love of life, the mountains and the sea.