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Engraved Only & Engraved and Embossed Cards

Engraved Only & Engraved and Embossed Cards: Why We Love them. 

This old world technique of engraving or engraving and embossing cards is truly a relic of a time when skillful craftsmanship and artistry ruled over mass production. There’s something about an engraved card that is hard to replicate. When you run your hand over the design and feel it’s a raised image it’s like you’ve been transported back to a time when everything was made with the mind and bare hands. The bruise on the back of the card shows the depth of the image on the front. These special little cards can be your very own time machine. They create magic when you hold them in your hands. That magic only multiplies when they’re sealed in an envelope and sent to a loved one who gets to experience the forgotten joy of receiving hand-written correspondence.

About the process: Each image and design is hand-drawn in pen and ink.   Bebbins’s method is time-consuming and intense: she creates several dozen drawings of a particular image in order to arrive at the one that she considers worthy of printing.  

A master craftsman then creates an engraving plate and embossing die for each drawing.  These are labor-intensive and rarefied art forms that result in richly detailed, multi-dimensional images that meet Peyton & Clarks’ exacting standards.

The final product is a little piece of art that is crafted by hand from begging to end and made in the USA.