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Make Your Pool Area a Personal Paradise

Posted by P&C Team on

     We think “staycations” are seriously underrated.  A leisurely weekend in your own backyard has some serious perks. Think: not having to scower the internet for hotel reviews,  not spending money on things you really do not need (like that  “I love Bermuda” t-shirt sitting at the bottom of your gym clothes drawer),  and if you forget your sun-block, you don’t have to fork over the seriously exaggerated asking price the souvenir shop is selling it for.

    The main problem people have with staying home is that you’re out door space does not feel like a getaway.  Spicing up your pool area or backyard with new décor and furniture can be a great investment to make  - you’ll save in the long run since your own backyard will feel like your own personal paradise.

     We can help you out with the new look – our Lucite tables are as durable as they are beautiful , and look just as good beside your pool as they do in the living room. They make a statement without hogging all the attention.  Available in the simple X design or the coral,  either piece will be an asset for your new outdoor décor.


While you wait for your new table to arrive,  check out these great websites that have inspired us with their outdoor décor prowess!



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